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Geography Educators Outreach for Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students

A unique workshop to prepare 20 master geography educators teaching in grades 5 to 12 to participate with their students in an ISSEarthKAM mission.

ISSEarthKAM engages students in an inquiry-based mission to target, acquire, and analyze images from a camera on the International Space Station.

GEOEarthKAM, a National Geographic Society Education Foundation funded project, will train participants to conduct an ISSEarthKAM mission with their students by leading participants through the process during the first-ever summer ISSEarthKAM mission, July 6-13, 2003.


  • All expense-paid eight-day workshop at Texas A&M University to learn how to conduct an ISSEarthKAM mission.
  • Training in geography, remote sensing, environmental science, and inquiry-based learning.
  • Practice in mentoring and professional development strategies to engage additional geography educators in ISSEarthKAM in order to build a GEOEarthKAM community.
  • A complete set of curriculum support materials to implement GEOEarthKAM activities.
  • $300 mini-grant to disseminate information about GEOEarthKAM to home Alliances.
  • Linkage to an on-line community of fellow GEOEarthKAMites
Sarah Witham Bednarz | Department of Geography | Texas A&M University |
College Station, Texas 77843-3147